Zoe Angeli

Model - Actor - MUA


Zoe, also known by Ossuary Angel, is a Philadelphia-based talent passionate about horror, sci-fi, and avant-garde art. Known for their unique and captivating style, Zoe's work spans over a decade of modeling, makeup, and acting work. Their direct focus is to find those awe-inspiring moments within the macabre.Their visage has graced commercial advertisements for jewelry, makeup, and clothing as well as magazine publications, including Hustler, Retrolovely, and Spectrum Boutique.Zoe also has sat for portrait paintings, sketch clubs, college anatomy classes, and photography/model workshops helping those attending to cultivate their craft.


Beyond the camera, Zoe's involvement in the fashion industry has been multifaceted. With experience as both a makeup artist and a model since the age of 18, Zoe's skillset encompasses the art of editorial and abstract makeup. Their ability to transform and enhance faces, combined with their effortless confidence on the catwalk, has captivated audiences and collaborators alike.

Runway Work

For several years, Zoe walked in Ellen Durkan's Forged Fashion runway shows even lending a hand with makeup work for the other models during one of the performances.


In 2022, Zoe had the honor of being interviewed twice by Hustler, where they shared their love and experiences working in horror films. These insightful interviews accompanied the publication of Zoe's striking photographs, solidifying their presence in the industry. They've been interviewed by several horror community podcasts including Quality Violent Cinema, Bones & Brews, and Twitch of the Death Nerve on their opinions and interests revolving around horror media.


As an actor, their journey began as a child in stage plays and later moved to film in college lending a hand to both leading and supporting roles in student films.
Since 2018, Zoe has worked in the indie horror scene and adult horror cinema sector to solidify their presence in the industry.
Additionally, Zoe has extended their talents to the realm of sound and post-production, contributing to the creation of indie short films.

Zoe Angeli

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